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Roman-roof-tiles-archaeology, roman roof tiles. roman roof tiles. how imbrices and tegulae actually fitted together. roman tiled roofing is often found in large quantities on digs of roman buildings but it is sometimes difficult to imagine what the terracotta fragments looked like when they were all still in situ covering a roman house. we generally find two shapes of roof tile and we call these tegulae (singular is tegula .... The imbrex and tegula (plurals imbrices and tegulae) were overlapping roof tiles used in ancient greek and roman architecture as a waterproof and durable roof covering.they were made predominantly of fired clay, but also sometimes of marble, bronze or gilt.in rome, they replaced wooden shingles, and were used on almost every type of structure, from humble outbuildings to grand temples and ..., some basic hints on identifying roman and medieval tiles, and the differences between them..

Three roman roof-tiles from the arena club site in colchester a photo. of the site at the former arena club, showing spoil-heaps beside one of the evaluation trenches. today (10th november), trust pottery specialist steve benfield was working here at the trust hq and roman circus visitor centre on the fragments of roman ceramic building material (cbm) from our recent site at harwich in essex *., roof tiles in roman britain were made of fired clay. they were molded by craftsmen, sun dried, and then fired in a kiln. sometimes during the drying process, animals would walk over the tiles leaving prints! these are pretty unique insights into life in a roman town showing us what types of animals lived in and near the area..

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